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Each playing style is unique to the golfer holding the club.
Not all clubs are equal and custom fits are recommended to help your game.
Setup & Performance Measurement

A full bag custom fitting begins by examining the make-up of your existing set. We do this by surveying aspects such as club length, digital frequency analysis, measured loft and lie, face angle and digital swing weight. This in-depth, independent analysis helps us to identify the cause of any performance-related issues you may be experiencing. It will also help us highlight any inconsistencies throughout the bag, and what your clubs are likely to promote in their static state.

When conducting a full bag fitting, we also carefully assess contributing factors such as injury or physical limitations, and how they may be affecting your performance.

We will then capture dynamic data using our TrackMan 3 Launch Monitor with your existing clubs and confirm any areas where there may be performance deficiencies. Using this data as a benchmark to improve on, we can either re-shaft existing club heads or hand build you new equipment.

Our full bag golf fitting services utilise interchangeable head and shaft and head fitting technology, allowing us to test any combination of current head models with any shaft. We can also install any of our demo shafts into your existing adjustable wood heads to test and improve performance.

By testing different equipment combinations of head and shaft designs, we can find remedial solutions to fine-tune, re-shaft existing club heads (using SST PURE technology) or hand build superior performing clubs from any leading brand.

The aim of our full bag custom fitting process is to ensure that every aspect of your bag performs consistently. Our services provide you with the ability to make confident shot-making decisions, with full assurance that your equipment will not let you down.


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